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OXM Spoils Mass Effect 3

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I can’t recall the last time that I picked up a copy of OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) since everything news-y is on the Internet the day it’s released and you don’t have to pay for it, but there are times that it’d be nice to be an actual print magazine…since you get to run scoops like this one.

A user over at NeoGAF spied some details in an upcoming OXM that I’m sure you’d love to know about, if you don’t mind some mild spoilers.

  • It seems like they’re going to make this game a bit more dumbed down for the masses even more this time around considering they’re essentially turning it into Gears Effect by introducing jumping, rolling, and blind firing.
  • Civilizations that you gain the allegiance of can be lost to the Reapers much how you could lose squadmates in the last Mass Effect.
  • Each weapon has 3 upgrade slots, the scope, barrel, and grip. The weapons will also have customizable colors and camo patterns.
  • The main villains this time around will be Cerberus and Reaper Husks.
  • More armor customization will play a part this time around as you might be able to get a sighting eyepiece like Garrus’s always present one. Such items would boost gameplay by allowing for better aim.

Well, for now we’ll take this with a grain of salt. I have a hard time thinking of people like Wrex jumping across chasms. We’ll know more at this year’s E3 but won’t get our grubby hands on the game until the first quarter of 2012. We can’t wait.

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