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[UTAH RESIDENTS] Overdue For Sex With Pies? American Reunion Prescreening Tickets!

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Oh 1999, how I miss thee. After numerous sequels and I think a direct to DVD release or two, the American Pie franchise brings back all the key players. Or, all the people who had milked their celebrity status that they gained from the original movie.

This one has potential though, and who knows the R rating will probably give us a bunch of Jim gross out gags and Stifler trying to bang…any vagina. I’m sure I’ll remember what else the other characters did, I’m OLD you know.

We’re partnering up with our good friends from Zack has a Show podcast once again. If you’re not listening you’re missing out on awesome tech news and crazy stuff like TacoCopters (it’s as good as it sounds). Check them out, Friend them on Facebook and then make love to Zack Shutt. I don’t know if his wife will allow the last part.

When: Tuesday, April 3rd @ 7PM
Where: Gateway, Salt Lake City
How to Win: We are doing a text in to win contest – You can have people text the word STIFLER and their ZIP CODE to 43549 for their chance to win an admit 2 mobile pass! You’ll only be competing against fans of WPR and Zack has a Show for the guaranteed tickets! WHO WILL REIGN SUPREME?

Drawing for the winner will be MONDAY APRIL 2ND

We’ll see you guys at the show!

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