Ryan Thomason

Our Next “Space Shuttle” From NASA is LAME!

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I’m sorry if I’m a sci fi / space dork who thinks that we should be building on what we’ve done so far and not scaling back. If you didn’t know, and wanted your cool tip of the day, Space Shuttle Endeavour had it’s final launch, and there is only one more launch left before the whole space shuttle program is retired at NASA. So today, they announced the replacement called the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV). Seriously? Oh and it’s based on the Apollo launch vehicles? (Wikipedia that if you don’t know what that is) THAT is the next step for the glorious space program? We’re going back to 1960’s in Space Tech? This thing will fit four astronauts for missions as long as 21 days thanks to the 316 cubic-feet of habitable space inside the 690 cubic-feet of pressurized space. Sadly, it will only be able to carry small projects with it and will not be able to be used launch large satellites or pieces of the International Space Station, though it will be able to dock with the ISS.

The point of all this is and the reasoning behind the bad MPCV name is that this will be something that can get further into space than the shuttle fleet ever could. Where the shuttles could only attain Low Earth Orbit (LEO) these things will be able to go further, and are the first step in sending people to Mars. Right now, all the LEO stuff (satellites, cargo to the ISS, etc) is going to be handled by private companies. As dictated by the Obama Administration and NASA, hopefully this pays off. Dumping all the little trips on private companies and leaving the big stuff to NASA and American engineering. Though, I think we need a better name than Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.

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