Ryan Thomason

‘Our Idiot Brother’ Looks Surprisingly Good

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Oh Paul Rudd, why can’t I quit you?

I don’t get why I like Paul Rudd so much, not in a manloving way, but I find his movies hard to resist, Our Idiot Brother just climbed into my field of vision and now it’s stuck there. From what I hear though, this PG 13 looking movie actually has not only full frontals, and f-bombs, but Paul Rudd breaking little kids fingers. I think this has date night appeal all over it. The cast looks pretty damn good, and hell, it’s got Zooey Deschanel, that’s enough to make me want to see it.

Hopefully I can find a homeless person to watch my kids for me so that I can take the wife out to see it this weekend. It premiers nationwide tomorrow, August 26th.

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