Our First Look at Dice’s Battlelog Leaves Me Confused

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Remember how Dice totally showed up Activision by announcing their own social portal? Yeah there are pictures, and yeah I’m toally not sure what to think.

Battlefield fansite Battlefieldo has just sniped some pictures from the German Battlefield Community Website. Now why am I talking about battlefieldo and not the BFBlog? Well, thats because after the post was published it was quickly taken down, but the quick workers at Battlefieldo were able to snag some info. So here’s your first look at Battlefield’s answer to Call of Duty Elite, the Battlelog.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ll go ahead and say what exactly is on everybody’s minds. It looks like fricken Facebook! With wall style postings, Like buttons, Comments, even the format looks so much like Facebook that I wonder why they couldn’t have just contacted ol’ Mark Zuckerberg and integrated it into Facebook itself, it’s not like they were going to use that 100 million dollar marketing campaign on banner ads.

What’s really impressive is the picture of the chat function which shows who’s playing, which server they’re playing on, and even goes so far to show you their current platform. Pretty spiffy if you ask me.

Despite my excitement, I cant help but be honest. I don’t know if I like the look of the Battlelog. It seems too “social networky” and less “gamey” Everything Dice has promised is there, Chat, updates, the ability to join and launch the game from the Battlelog, but I was imagining something more reminiscent of an Interface than a webpage. Obviously all of this info isn’t final and we still have a few months until the release of BF3 so maybe this first look is just that, a first look into what will eventually become your first and final stop when getting your BF3 on.

So don’t forget to visit Battlefieldo and thank them for this awesome sneak peak. [Battlefieldo Blog]

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