Brian West

The Original Flash Runs His Way Onto CW’s Flash Pilot

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Flash, meet Flash…
CW announced today that John Wesley Shipp will be joining the pilot episode for their new show, The Flash. For those of you who are trying to figure out who that is, let me help you out, he’s the original Flash. CW’s Flash isn’t the first time the scarlet speedster got a chance to run onto the small screen. Way back in 1990, Shipp played Flash in his own short-lived television show. Now while it may have only lasted one season, my 12 year old self found that show to be amazing. It may not hold up today, but The Flash’s two-hour premiere was like a mini-movie, and it even had Mark Hamill playing the super-villain, The Trickster. I swear I must’ve watched that VHS tape like a hundred times, it really was about the best the 90’s had to offer us superhero fans. Good times.
No specific role has been announced for Shipp, and CW is only saying that he will guest star in the Flash pilot in a mystery role. They also said that his part is intended to be a recurring guest role in the series. Mystery part, recurring guest role, original Flash…..can anyone say Jay Garrick? That’s my guess anyway. How great would it be to have the original Flash play the original Flash? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, CW’s The Flash is shooting the pilot for a hopeful fall air date. So what do you think about the casting, and what do you think his mystery role is? Could I be right, or is this just wish fulfillment from my 12 year old self? Let us know, sound off below!!

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