Orchid #2 – Mini Review

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So after the first issue of Dark Horse Comics‘ Orchid I was really looking forward to the second. I wish I could say I wasn’t a little bit disappointed. The story picked up the main characters in the possession of slave traders, they manage to escape to The Wild, where they face six legged scorpion bears and another new character. This didn’t have a whole lot of meaning fore me and in this issue more than the first the artwork seemed to feel a bit sloppy and cartoony.

Overall, I am really hoping that this issue will later prove to be something that moves the story forward and that issue three will really play-up the new character and her abilities. At the very least she has me intrigued and I’ll give the book another try. The other big plus of this book is the soundtrack provided by the writer of the book, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave fame, with this book you get a download code to get a new song from Tom. The song with the first book was spectacular so I’ll likely pick up a hard copy of this one to see if the second track measures up.


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