One Woman dares to make me feel even worse for having a penis

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‘Not In the Kitchen Anymore’ is a work in progress by Jenny Hanvier (a 23 year old gamer who also happens to be a girl) meant to open our eyes to the fact that sometimes, guys can be assholes. And I’m not talking the regular “punch me in the arm cause we’re manly” assholes, I mean the feel bad for the human race as a whole asshole.

Not in the Kitchen Anymore started as an installation at her college with was little more than two xbox controllers and headsets in the middle, with quotes from various gamers plastered on the walls.

These days, she records various games of Call of Duty and what results are some of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard.

One that really struck a chord with me was where these guys were berating her for what seems to be no reason at all. What follows is the transcript to the post and the language is a little harsh, even for me.

RMP = Random Male Player
RMP 1: Yo, FineFuzzy, go fuck yo mama something, ya bitch.
RMP 2: Fuckin’ faggot.
RMP 3: [largely unintelligible]
RMP 1: Fuckin’ dumb bitch.
Friend: That sucked.
RMP 1: You know that’s your friend, white cracker. We know that’s your friend.
RMP 2: Yeah man, like… that’s totally, Diddy [referring to RMP 1], totally that’s his friend, man.
RMP 3: Fuckin’ faggot, man.
RMP 4: Yeah, totally.
RMP 2: Fuckin’ totally, dude.
RMP 1: Spent the whole game killin’ his own teammates, man.
RMP 2: There is no fucking doubt in my mind that that’s their friend, man, Diddy. I’m telling you.
Friend: He’s not OUR friend.
RMP 3: Gimme a break.
RMP 1: Shut up, you bust down bitch [referring to me]
Friend: We got 6, and you guys got 4. [referring to team size].
RMP 4: [unintelligible]… got raped by a bitch who belongs in the kitchen.
Me: But instead I’m here, kicking your ass.
RMP 2: You ain’t kicking NOBODY’S ass, you fuckin’ slut bitch!

Now obviously this expresses a minority of players out there, but it’s still pretty distressing.

You can follow her blog at Via [Kotaku]

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