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One Step Closer to Robots Only in Transformers 3

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I'll admit it, she was hot as hell when we first saw her, now when I look at her I think she probably tastes like oranges and cigarette butts.

If you haven’t heard through the magic of the internet, the co-star of the first two Michael Bay Transformers movies, Megan Fox, has been dropped from the cast of the third movie that’s currently being worked on.

you might remember her as Dainel Craig's Bond GirlThe decision came from Michael Bay and Paramount to have Ms. Fox dropped from the movie…and the real kicker is that they already have another female lead (no not Shia) lined up to replace her.

Rumor has it that Prince of Persia actress, Gemma Arterton (pictured left) is the favorite right now as her replacement, but this is the Internet…and if Captain America’s casting was any indication, don’t believe everything you read.

If you didn’t hear about what would lead to her getting fired, you might have heard her biting the hand that fed her when she compared Michael Bay to Hitler (Godwin’s Law FTW), and said that Transformers wasn’t really about ‘acting’. As much as I might agree with either one of those comments…you just don’t say that about the people signing your paychecks.

I can only hope that they remove everyone else from these movies so that it’s Megatron vs Optimus only, like it should be!

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