Alan Smithee

One of the Best Star Wars Fanfilms I’ve Ever Seen

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This is what happens when a crew with a near ZERO budget decides to get off their duffs and show Lucas how a story is told.

I won’t say that this 3-part web movie is on par with a theatrical release, but for what it is (a labor of love), it outshines the lazy work that Lucas pushed to the masses with the prequels. I’m not saying I hate the prequels, I just disliked how simplistic the storyline was and how little of the human condition it spoke of. It was all CG all the time. Oh and midichlorians.

So, the fanfilm that I’ve included all 3 parts of was created by PJ Tamayo and Fed Wetherbee and is titled Star Wars: A Light in the Darkness and is basically set on a non-descript planet in the outer rim approximately 1 year BBY during the empire’s rule. There’s a bunch that leads back to the clone wars as well, but I won’t ruin it for you.

The set pieces are excellent, the props are top notch for the most part and even the acting is forgivable considering that I’ve seen worse from actual Star Wars licensed properties. It’s passable, but still one hell of a watch for all of the amazing fanservice (not the Japanese panty type) that it provides. Go…watch…now! (me waving my hand)

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