Alan Smithee

One More Season of Fringe – Confirmed

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I keep asking myself...will these two ever fucking hook up? JESUS CHRIST THERE'S ONLY SO FAR YOU CAN TAKE SEXUAL TENSION!

The executives at Fox are notorious for killing shows in their prime or before they even hit their stride. Luckily, this doesn’t look to be the case for Fringe. The people at Fox have decided to greenlight at least one more season of the excellent sci-fi/thriller/cop show.

We’ll have the last episodes of season two starting back up this April 1st (thanks alot Olympics), and then hopefully we’ll get all seven remaining episodes in seven weeks, from there the show is sure to take a short hiatus. I really enjoy watching this show. It’s going to be fun getting back into the heads of Walter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, and Peter Bishop. I’m really hoping that they third season begins sometime this fall to help balance all of the other reality shit that is shown in-between the good shows.

Is it just me or does it seem like everything that JJ Abrams puts his hands on seemingly turns to gold?

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