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One Merit for Amazon’s “Kindle First” Service

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amazon-kindle-tabletKindle tablet users and those that use the Kindle App as their book service are in for a treat.

How would you like to read a book a month ahead of its general release date for free? Well if you’re a Amazon Prime customer, that’s exactly what the Kindle First service gets you. If you’re not a Prime customer, the books will only run you $1.99, which isn’t half bad.

There is one caveat and that for each of the titles that are released each month (and there promises to be many), you can only get one for free/$1.99, all of the rest you’ll be obligated to pay the normal price. While it may seem to good to be true, don’t exactly expect titles from the big name publishers of the world as most books come from Amazon Imprints…though the company has promised to get big time Authors to publish works.

You won’t hear me complaining about shilling out two bucks for a full novel, hell after rereading the Dune prequels, I’m ready for something new.

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