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One Game Remake Just Sold Me on PlayStation Vita

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Drumroll please…

There are numerous games out there that would potentially sell me on the new PS Vita when it comes out next year, it just so happens that they hit a weak spot on me for one game in particular…and it’s not even a exclusive to Vita title.

Only the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy X could invoke such strong feelings in me to make me have the urge to hurry out and drop $250 on a new handheld plus the cost of whatever accessories that I MUST HAVE and let’s not forget, the games themselves.

It was announced this week at the Tokyo Game Show that there will be a HD remake version of FFX headed to the PS3 and the PS Vita at some point in the near future. Considering the game came out here in the states in January of 2002, I’m guessing sometime around then.

There’s even more coming for the Vita, but I’ll save that for another post as I just wanted to cream in my pants about how awesome playing FFX will be on a portable system…and in HD. I can’t wait!

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