One for the Money

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Let me start of by saying that I am a huge Janet Evanovich fan, I have been for years. I first came across her quite by accident one day when I was wondering the library. I was intrigued by a title of a book called “Metro Girl,” (an Alex Barnaby novel), I read it in an afternoon. The next day I picked up “To the Nines” (Stephanie Plum) and read it over the weekend. After that I was hooked. I found out that “To the Nines” was a book in a series about Stephanie Plum, and went back to the beginning of the series and picked up “One for the Money.”

“One for the Money” is the Story of Stephanie Plum becoming a bounty hunter. Not just a bounty hunter, but the worst bounty hunter ever, who happens to be very lucky. Stephanie is fired from her job, and to make some money she goes and works for her cousin Vinnie the bail bondsman. She originally was going to be the file clerk until she finds out the job has been filled. Vinnie’s secretary Connie tell her that if she wants to make some real money she needs to become a bounty hunter! When Stephanie learns that an ex of hers is on the run to the tune of ten grand she is willing to go after him. She gets some brief training by the tough as nails Ranger, and is set loose on her own. There are car chases explosions, and a body count. One of my favorite running jokes in the series is how many cars will Stephanie blow up in this book?

“One for the Money” was originally published in 1994, shortly after its publication, it was optioned by Tri-Star Motion Pictures, but nothing happened. For fifteen years. Finally earlier this year this year the movie was cast, filmed, and is currently in post production. It is slated for release July 8, 2011.

The cast?
Katherine Heigl … Stephanie Plum
John Leguizamo … Jimmy Alpha
Debbie Reynolds … Grandma Mazur
Jason O’Mara … Joe Morelli
Daniel Sunjata … Ranger
Sherri Shepherd … Lula
Patrick Fischler … Vinnie Plum
Ana Reeder … Connie

While I’m not sure about some of the casting, even if they just loosely follow the book this could be the comedic hit of the summer. Movie Insider has a great photo gallery here

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