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One Dungeons and Dragons to Rule Them All

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D&D 5th Edition will enter Open Beta? Is this true? *rolls d20* …Apparently so.

Spring 2012 will herald a new phase for Tabletop Gamers, Wizards of the Coast will start releasing parts of the game out to the public, and gasp using player reactions to possibly shape how the next “iteration” will take place. Yes, Pathfinder did that already, but they’re not the topic of discussion. I say iteration because that is how Wizards is naming it, not 4.5 Edition or 5th Edition but “next iteration”.

One of the major problems with D&D in general is that some people like the old versions better than the new ones. I know, Shocking. The thing about this is that D&D is a social game played with friends. So if one of your players won’t play anything but 3.5E or even worse something like First Edition. You’re screwed. You’ll lose that player, or everyone grudgingly conforms to the jerk who won’t budge from his stance. What seems to be happening here, and the whisperings around the Internet is that wizards is opening the game up to “beta testing” harnessing the collective power of the Internet to try and mold something that might resemble a D&D for everyone. I think they might be thoroughly disappointed.

What will happen when Wizards of the Coast releases the D&D experience to the Internet full of hardcore D&D Players, Info/Rules Geeks, Pissed off Old Timers, Timid Newbies, Complete Jerks, Religious Zealots, Weirdos, and Just Plain Assholes? Well, we know that a majority of the “bad people” will just be filtered out, what remains might be a delicious filling that just had a burnt crust. We might just get a social tabletop game that is actually social not you playing Words With Friends on your phone alone in a dark room. Maybe it’ll be the game that gets friends gaming with each other in one spot, together, not across radio frequencies hovering in the air, carrying information of the things like “LOLZ yur gay”. Time will tell, if you want to sign up for the beta you can do so by clicking here.

I’ve signed up, but more importantly, which one of you will play with me?

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