One Brave Man Tells NintendoThe Straight Dope – Video

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Andrew Weisen of IGN is tired of all these amazing games coming out of Japan that we will never see on Nintendo’s Consoles. Lets just say that money talks.

The devlishly handsom and well spoken Andrew Weisen makes a damn good argument for why Nintendo should localize some of the games listed in this video. There are a lot of people here in the US who would love to play some of the games Japanese gamers have long grown tired of. Imagine the money Nintendo would make if a game like Fatal Frame hit the Wii. Nintendo has stated time and time again that they wish to unite gamers of all backgrounds, and in doing so they seem to have forgotten the people who allowed them to bring Wii Bowling into their living rooms in the first place. There are some amazing games for the Wii, but while we all wait for the next console, the Wii U, what will gamers do?

TL:DR Give us the video games, Nintendo!

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