On the set of PLUG [Teaser]

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Sunday I had the privilege to to visit the set and meet the cast and crew of PLUG: a post apocalyptic robot fun-fest

What’s PLUG? Jesus guys! We posted the teaser weeks ago, how can your memory be so bad? Click this link to hit up the article we originally posted and click this one to see the PLUG teaser site (teasers, teasers everywhere).

To entice you all into waiting for the inevitable post full of juicy details here’s a picture of some Robo-money that Lex Cassar, one of the production designers and totally cool dude, gave me.

Yes, that does say “In Levy we trust”.

I’ll be back soon to bring you an in-depth look at this small project with huge potential, all I can say is that I’m sold. Thanks to David Levy, Lex Cassar, Alex Cunningham, Tim Clark, Hatem Benabdallah, and everyone else on set!

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