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On-Live Drops Monthly Subscription Fee

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Hooray, all of my bitching and complaining multiplied by thousands and thousands of people on the Internet has been heard! No more having to pay rent on their servers! Gaikai now has competition.

On On-Live’s blog, president and CEO Steve Perlman said the following in regards to the subscriptions fees going away:

“It’s official: There will be no base monthly fee for the OnLive Game Service going forward. WOOT! Free Instant-play Demos, Free Massive Spectating, Free Brag Clip videos, messaging, friending.

Although we wish we could have confirmed no monthly fee from the get-go, pioneering a major new video game paradigm is hard: we had to first grow to a large base of regular users before we could understand usage patterns and operating costs. Now that we’ve reached that stage, we can confidently say a monthly fee is not needed,”

After hearing this news, I can honestly say that I will be giving these guys another try, and will probably become a pretty big fan of the service. I just didn’t want to have to pay for yet another monthly fee. Now to find a way to actually hard wire my computer to the internet (another requirement for On-Live at the moment).

Also, on the blog, he comments that the stand alone boxes are currently being manufactured and we should expect to see them early to mid 2011.

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