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OMG Heavenly Sword 2 Being Made

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This might fall under the category of rumor, but from what I’ve learned reporting on things like this is that you can’t discount anything.

From an article in a gaming magazine in the UK (PlayGamer) we have a few new details about the sequel of the amazing original PS3 classic Heavenly Sword.

  • It takes place 10 years after the events of Heavenly Sword
  • The game will be an built as an open world sandbox title (think Kameo)
  • Some of the game’s missions will be repeatable to help you level up your character
  • Your character will not be in possession of the Heavenly Sword at the beginning of the game, rather you will work your way up to wielding the sword by mastering hand-to-hand combat first and other forms of combat next
  • It will give me a graphics boner

In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoyed Heavenly Sword as it remains one of the few PS3 games that I’ve paid full retail for. The voice acting was great, the visuals were damn near perfect, and the story was pretty serious yet it contained some fun elements. I’m pretty glad that Ninja Theory is planning a sequel, no matter how true it is.

There should be more information at E3 this year, so stay tuned for that!


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