Omegle: The Best Thing In Trolling Since 4Chan

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You might have heard of this little service called Omegle. Since it’s release in March, it’s been getting more and more popular. So when I heard people talking about it, I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about and so I ventured into the world of Omegle and I met many a strange person.

The concept of Omegle is that it’s a simple one and one conversation between you and someone else who has connected to the website. Both you are initially anonymous, but you’re essentially talking to a stranger. Maybe it’s because of this that it’s lead to mass trolling (I was doing it too) or maybe it’s because some of the people are bloody strange.

If Omegle does anything then it shows the darker side of the Internet, the weirdos and the furries and whatnot. To give you  a better idea of what I’m talking about, here are just some of the conversations I had last night. You is me and stranger is of course the other person.

“You: I am fishman
Stranger: I am..THE MAN.
You: I am more than a man
Your conversational partner has disconnected.”

“Stranger: cybersex on cam?
You: I am fishman
Your conversational partner has disconnected.”

“Stranger: whats new
You: I am fish communist
Stranger: nice
Stranger: good for you
Stranger: what does that mean exactly?
You: the glorious revolution where the fishman will rise and establish a new world order
Stranger: is it soon?
You: sooner than you think, it’s already begun
Stranger: holy shit, is it too late for me or am i doomed
You: where is your god now
Stranger: around
You: well you should worship fishman
Stranger: does he have super powers
Stranger: cause to be quite honest….aquaman sucks ass…..are they related
You: fishman killed aquaman in the great war of sea stereotypes
Stranger: so he is a bad mother fucker then
Stranger: sweeeeet
Stranger: what about poisedon? is he a pussy too
You: there is no one left now, only fishman. Rise comrade and fight for the fishman
Stranger: how did you know my name?
Stranger: this is freaky
You: Fishman told me.
Stranger: that guy is awesome
Stranger: so do i have to give you like 10 percent of my wages or something….or can i just join and start kicking non-fish ass?
You: just abandon all but the fishman and give everything to him and fight the good fight
Stranger: ok im almost convinced….one last thing
Stranger: what type of fish is he?
You: a smelly fish
Stranger: cant the mother fucker take a bath, he lives in water for petes sake
You: his stench kills non-believers
Stranger: that bad huh?
Stranger: worse then the 2 dollar hooker that gave me a blowjob last night?
You: that was fishman
Stranger: that bitch was rank
Stranger: oh shit
Stranger: i got head by a fish
Stranger: oh the ironing!
You: it’s too late for you I’m afraid
Stranger: im fucked
You: yep
Stranger: dammit to hell
You: I think you should put yourself out of your misery
Stranger: i will, nice knowing you
Stranger: *blows head off*
Your conversational partner has disconnected.”

“Stranger: hope youre not boringgg
You: I am John Locke
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: nice
You: what’s nice
Stranger: im marx
You: I wish you good luck with your communism
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: how are you mate?
You: I’m dead
Stranger: gosh
Stranger: me too
You: This whole afterlife is pretty boring. When is the revolution coming
Stranger: well dont really know
Stranger: actually
Stranger: im a girl
Stranger: i lied
Stranger: im not marx
You: I lied too
Stranger: :O
Stranger: no way
Stranger: well
Stranger: was funny
Stranger: not anynore
Stranger: more*
Stranger: cya (:

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

So as you can see Omegle can lead to some pretty weird conversations. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of Omegle’s users are from 4chan though. Still, a night talking to random people in Omegle can be pretty funny.

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