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Oldie but a Goodie: Regarding Henry

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I’ve got a quick one for you, so don’t expect much in the way of me waxing philosophic about this movie.  It’s a little older, pretty good, and is of some relevance.

Regarding Henry 1991 – written by J.J. Abrams.  yes, it’s good to remember that J.J. Abrams has indeed written a pretty good movie.  This in no way excuses the other crimes he has committed, Taking Care of Business, Gone Fishin’, and Armageddon, and I won’t even mention the atrocities he has on television.

All that aside, several of you will probably remember this movie, many may not.  For those that don’t.  It’s got Harrison Ford playing a fancy law type guy that gets shot in the head by Luigi and loses his memory.  It’s pretty formulaic, but is performed in a way that makes it effective and memorable.  I really should note that it is not really memorable for the writing.  There are spots the weakness of the script is evident, but a few solid performances pull it off.

It’s one of my favorite Harrison Ford roles, of which there are probably 50, and probably the second best movie J.J. Abrams wrote (the first being Super8).  Third is a tie between Mission Impossible 3 and Forever Young.

So check out some of J.J.’s early work on Netflix now.  

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