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Old Fashion D&D is Getting Straight Up Tactical

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That is, if you’re lucky enough to be in an area that has a shop running this new Lair Assault in-store play program! These are the times I wish I could get with a local group at a shop and geek the hell out for a couple of hours. This new series seems to be blending peoples vast character building skills with a heavy dose of tactical knowledge of how to play the game. It seems to me to be a game designed to really get players gears churning in their head about how they approach the game. I think it’s a great idea because everyone loves a challenge, and damn does this seem to bring one, if you play this series, I don’t think you will have to doubt your ability to play dungeons and dragons at a high level afterwards. This whole thing starts September 1st so check with your local shop before hand so you can start prepping and getting a group to play. If you couldn’t tell, you’ll only get to play this adventure IN STORES, it’s an exclusive program that D&D runs with shops.

Here is a little synopsis from the press release, and let us know if you plan on playing! We’d love to hear what people have to say about these games since most of us on staff can’t seem to get in on one!:

“We are extremely excited to introduce our new D&D Lair Assault Organized Play program to players looking for more complex, strategic and highly tactical challenges,” said Arron Goolsbey, Senior Director of Organized Play, Wizards of the Coast. “With D&D Lair Assault, trial and error is the norm and winning requires rules knowledge and play skill. Coordination with other players beforehand to determine strengths and weaknesses of the team will be critical to a successful adventure and Dungeon Masters will need to prepare the challenges beforehand.”

The D&D Lair Assault program is tailored to groups of players that enjoy solving tactical puzzles, optimizing characters, and using rules to their advantage. Each D&D Lair Assault challenge features highly complex encounters prepared by the Dungeon Master in advance. Players are then pitted against their DM in an attempt to solve their highly customized and creative challenges. Adventuring groups must often attempt a challenge several times before solving, and are successful only when a balance of skill and luck is achieved.

D&D Lair Assault’s high-skill environment creates a tense yet engaging tactical challenge with quickly changing game play elements, forcing players to re-evaluate their strategies as they navigate treacherous terrain and hazards. Challenges feature an extremely difficult “super” encounter in which players must build an adventuring party to take on a highly perilous and tactical challenge. D&D Fortune Cards are also featured as part of the play experience, providing a critical edge for success through special in-game effects that the players can use or trade to aid them in their game.

Players can learn how to join in the new, strategy-focused game play at local hobby game stores in their area at dungeonsanddragons.com. The D&D Lair Assault storyline, Forge of the Dawn Titan, revolves around Maegera, the Dawn Titan who has slept beneath the legendary Mount Hotenow for thousands of years, bound in a fiery pit. Through the discovery of an ancient forge, a cult of demons has discovered a way to tap into the captive Maegera’s essence to create artifacts of terrible power. With the nearby city of Neverwinter’s soldiers tied up defending its borders, a group of brave adventurers must face the scorching perils of the Forge of the Dawn Titan to stop the cult’s leader.

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