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Okabu is so Kawaii

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I’ve only today ran across this trailer for a game called Okabu that is being developed by the fine folks at HandCircus, the same people behind Rolando and its sequel Rolando 2 on the iOS platform, and I can say that this title already has a claim on my money when it’s released.

The ultra cutesy game looks to be a sandbox style puzzle game where you use your wits to solve problems as they arise. The plot revolves around fixing the land and ridding them of the dastardly bad guys and their horrible pollutants, but that’s moot because any game that has me riding around on a happy little cloud fixing the world’s problems with a plunger in hand is gold. It seems as though it will have co-op gameplay available and looks like it’ll be good times.

I played the Rolando games on my iPhone and even the sequel on my iPad and really enjoyed them both. I love this company’s aesthetic when it comes to designing games, and you can bet that I’ll get this when it comes out. I’m hoping that I can spend some time getting my nearly 3 year old hooked on gaming and this looks the be the one to start with (actually I’ve tried with Pac-Man CE to no avail).

Okabu will be making its PS3 debut through the PlayStation Network (if it ever gets back up) this summer.

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