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Oh Square Enix, How Far You’ve Fallen

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I don’t normally like stooping to making posts about the financial reporting of any company, but today I just couldn’t help myself after reading online that Square Enix is blaming everyone else for their business losses this year.

Turns out that Mr. High-and-Mighty Square Enix reported that this past year, they sold 35% less than what they sold in 2009. I know that you can’t have a business that rakes in the dough each year but I’d assume that one of the big boys in the industry wouldn’t drop so far and so fast! The only thing I’ve seen go down like that was the pizza I had for lunch yesterday…I’m fat, that was a fat joke.

In all seriousness, the company did have a floundering year considering their newest MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, (which should be a cash cow for the company) is still not collecting monthly subscription fees, as they’re not quite sure how to charge for it considering it was released in a really buggy state. The biggest error that I think that Yoichi Wada made was expressing in an interview that console gaming is to blame.

He was quoted as saying the following:

“Our Group experienced significantly lower sales and profit during the fiscal year mainly due to weak performance of console game titles released during the year…”

Ok well he didn’t say exactly that it was consoles fucking up the SE cashflow, but that’s a pretty damning statement from a guy who must not remember how tons of us Square Soft fans paid upwards of $100 for Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger back in the golden age of consoles (at least MY golden age) on the SNES. Maybe if Square Enix would release some titles that weren’t just numerical increases in Final Fantasies without actually making something unique, we could actually to be at fault here. Hell, I’m still mad at how terrible FFXIII was for me.


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