Oh Britain: Nintendo Searching For Britain’s “Biggest” Brain

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I thought it had been proven more than once that all of Nintendo’s brain and fitness games don’t actually make you smarter or help you lose weight. But of course, we Brits are morons so we’ll be more than happy when Nintendo and Channel Five (a channel that should be obliterated of the face of the Earth) announce that they will be hosting talent shows to find Britain’s “biggest” brain. Whether that means ego or ability has yet to be confirmed.

Nintendo and Five will be travelling all over Britain’s major cities (apparently Liverpool, Newcastle or Leeds aren’t major cities) to find Britain’s “biggest” brains. How will they do that? With Nintendo games of course! No, not the Nintendo games that you can enjoy but Brain Training, Big Brain Academy and Wii Fit amongst other games. Wait…Wii Fit? How does that involve brains? If high school stereotypes have taught us anything, it’s that jocks or fit people never have any brains.

This sounds to be like a horrible combination of Nintendo’s ability to convince idiots that their shit actually benefits you and the already horrible X Factor and/or any other idiot talent show. At least not many people will watch it, I hope. (I’ll be wrong about this probably) After all, it is on channel Five.

Source: VG247

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