Officer Downe

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I am not going to pan Officer Downe.

I would guess that there are a quite a few comic book readers who would like this book:  snarky humor and violence.  Tons and tons of violence.  I am an old fart who does not need that much blood in my comic book, but I recognize that some people out there might get a real kick out of this comic book.

Officer Downe is written by Joe Casey and drawn by Chris Burnham (who also did the covers).  This is also the team that created Nixon’s Pals.

The plot is by the numbers:  Officer Downe never stays down.  He likes to get out there after the perps (that is where the humor comes in).  He gets the perps with any means necessary (that is where the art comes in).

I will give Mr. Burnham props for his art.  It reminds me a little of Geoff Darrow’s work, perhaps not as detailed though.  He does give 48 consistent pages of art that matches the story: violent and bloody.

As, I said, I do not want to pan Officer Downe;  I want to recommend it for some of those people out there that might find it interesting–you know who you are.

Old Fart Bottom Line:  $1.00/$4.99

Young Hellion Bottom Line:  $4.99/$4.99

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