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Oddly Normal #1: How a Girl with Green Hair is Completely Relatable

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Otis Frampton’s Oddly Normal, published by Image, will delight kids and adults alike!

Oddly Normal #1

WRITER: Otis Frampton
ARTIST: Otis Frampton
COLORIST: Otis Frampton, Thomas Boatwright
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: September 17, 2014

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Today is Oddly Normal’s birthday, but unlike most children she’s not looking forward to it. Why? Well, Oddly isn’t, well, normal. She’s got green hair, pointy ears, and a weird name. She has no friends, so there won’t be anyone at her birthday party. And it’s storming. It’s not a great day. She takes the bus home, where her mother, a witch, and her father, a human, are preparing her party. In the first issue, we meet all of our characters and are introduced to the setting. We also get a little backstory on Oddly’s mother (she is a witch from a fictional land, sent to the US as a reporter to do a story on the life of an average human) and introduced to the first conflict (Oddly’s parents are too wrapped up in each other to really see her).

I thought this comic was great. It’s completely straightforward; you are never confused as to what is going on. Frampton tells the reader through his drawing and writing why Oddly isn’t normal and why she’s not excited for her party. Also, it’s storming, her house looks like a typical haunted house, and her mother is a witch. Oddly Normal lays everything on the line right away. Oddly is telling her own story, speaking to the reader as if she was on a reality show. This was a really unique way to tell a story in a comic, at least to me, and I enjoyed it. Oddly just wants to be normal; who can’t relate to that?

Frampton’s artwork is detailed and stylized, a bit cartoony at times, but that relates to the all-ages aspect to the comic. Most of the background colors are dull and gray, making Oddly stand out as the focal point. When the unexpected ending hits, the artwork changes in a perfectly suitable way.

This is a wonderful first issue. It’s age-appropriate but can be enjoyed by everyone. Oddly is a relatable character, and by the end of the first issue, I was ready to find out what happened to her next. Recommended.

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