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The Occultist #5: A Showdown of Techno-shamans

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Tim Seeley and Mike Norton don’t make life easy for the new Occultist. In The Occultist #5, Rob Bailey and The Sword tackle their greatest opponent in the conclusion of this arc of the Occultist’s story.

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The Occultist #5 cover from

The Occultist #5 cover from

The Occultist #5
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Mike Norton
Colorist: Alan Passalaqua
Cover Artist: Steve Morris
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: February 5, 2014

Rob has worked hard to find a balance with The Sword. As the Occultist, he has abused its power as well as defeated great evil with its might. Now, he must face his one-time mentor and make difficult life choices to manage his new abilities.

The Occultist arrives at Mr. Charles’ house right when he and The Sword are having a bit of a falling out. Rob reminds The Sword that this is about more than either one of them. This is about punishing the one who wished to start a war between the living and the dead. Once inside and past the magical protection spells, The Occultist is taunted by Charles with remarks about how easily Rob was manipulated was with Luna and now as he steps into another trap. Rob sees that Charles is talking to him via cellphone before he is suddenly transported into another dimension. (It’s so nice to have this blend of mystical and technological back!) A new face, John Quint, greets Rob and walks him through his personal history in the West during the mid-1800s. Quint shows Rob the group of Technoshamans, who used modern innovations to manipulate ancient powers. Quint reveals that he has been cycling through bodies for decades. And now, he wants Rob. Anna and Eldritch arrive as Rob and Quint battle for control of Rob’s body. The Sword/Rob duo proves hard to beat and with the help of his friends. Quint has his hands full.

In the aftermath of this showdown, Rob is fully at peace with The Sword. What he struggles with is the knowledge he’s gained in the process. Knowing what he is now, he makes the hard decision to go it alone and leave Anna behind. (Just like brooding hero to go it alone.)

I really like The Occultist. It has fun twists and a few gross-out moments. It rides the line between horror and superhero deftly. I really liked Anna and I hope we see her again with a little more background about her friend in the coma. In two pages, we see a shadowy figure keeping tabs on the Occultist through newspaper clippings. The same man also has a picture of a mysterious woman in white. (You should be reading Ghost too. It’s great.) Can we have a crossover? That would be awesome!

Recommendation: If you liked this check out Ghost (which I already mentioned). But other supernatural investigators or titles you might like: Chew, Apocalypse Al, Cal McDonald series, and John Constantine (Hellblazer and Justice League Dark), and Cassie Hack (Hack/Slash).

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