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Occultist #4 – Comic Review

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Seeley and Norton continue to up the eww factor with the restless dead and use of demon baby pods as projectiles. The Occultist #4 sets this story up for a killer, an hopefully gory, ending.

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The Occultist #4 cover from

The Occultist #4 cover from

The Occultist #4
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Mike Norton
Colorist: Alan Passalaqua
Cover Artist: Steve Morris
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: January 1, 2014

Rob Bailey has found himself in a spot of trouble at the end of #3. He has been manipulated by James Charles into making some seriously poor choices. As a result, he is about to lose the sword and power as the Occultist.

Occultist #4 opens with James Charles rejoicing in his success. He has orchestrated the downfall of Rob Bailey at the hands of a pretty blond that gets high from out-of-body experiences. So he believes. Rob and Luka, that pretty blond, are at the black gate. Rob is having an epiphany about nirvana and acceptance. Meanwhile, Detective Ana Melendez and Jacob Elder escape the bonds of the living and race into the realm of the dead to prevent Rob from releasing thousands of demons. Once in the spirit world, they must convince Rob to resist Luka’s directions and fight the rest of her coven simultaneously. (Here is where the demon baby pods enter the narrative.) Jacob Elder lays it all out–the betrayal and manipulation. Rob turns his attention toward closing the gate and stopping the restless dead. What is Rob’s next act? Revenge on James Charles in the finale.

I really loved the art in this issue. The legion of demons and the part demon-part horse creature are all very cool. I know this is not a technical review of the art, but responding to an artist is not always an intellectual analysis. Evoking a response is enough. I can’t wait to see what Seeley and Norton have up their sleeves for the finale.

Recommendation: For readers of Hack/Slash, Cal McDonald series, and The Answer. If you like The Occultist you might try out Bad Blood, also published by Dark Horse Comics.

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