Ocarina of RHYME

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Boy do I have a hybrid for the readers, you a fan of rapping? Are you a fan of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time? If so… (and how could you not be) I’ve got something for you. The album is by “Team Teamwork”. Essentially, they take the music from the classic game Ocarina of Time, and rap to it.

Everybody who had any form of childhood or adolescence in the 90’s has probably played Ocarina of Time. I hope so at least.  A pretty important part of the game, as hinted by the name, is playing the ocarina, and playing some of the greatest video game music ever on that ocarina. Well now someone has finally used that game music in real life. for rap. The album is called Ocarina of Rhyme, check it out. It has some big names of hip hop on it, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, and Mike Jones just to name a few… I can’t find anything about Team Teamwork other than a Myspace, so i can’t tell ya much about it other than he’s one heck of  a remixer and has some big names on this album.

Here’s a sample of the tastiness… It’s N.S.F.W. so blare it in the headphones.

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