Obama won – Now we can we have something else shoved down our throats?

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I wouldn’t be the first in saying that today is an historic moment. About 40 years after famous black rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. made his now historic speech, a man of black skin has been elected into presidency. I can appreciate why it will dominate the media for the next few days. After all this isn’t just a big event for America but for the whole world. But when it’s all died down, can we just shut the fuck up already?

The BBC and other British media networks already wank off to American news already, but through this whole election battle, it has gone into overdrive, so much to the point that there’s more American related news than actual UK news. Why is it that British media networks find it necessary to shove America down our throats so much? It’s not as if we’re the only big country that is allies with America and I’m sure countries like France or Spain don’t continuously throw news about America down their faces. I mean I’d like to know more about what is happening with our economy, not America’s. I mean it’s not as if America is going to have a vast amount of news on Britian or anyone else’s elections.

This may be short but I don’t need to write a long post about this. It’s simple BBC and other networks. Give us news about America when it’s important to us, not when it’s trivial. If I wanted to know about everything that was happening in America I would visit CNN’s or any other American network channel’s website.

(P.S: David Cameron can also piss off. “Obama is the first of a new generation of world leaders”? Could you get any more cocky Cameron?)

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