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Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Finally Receiving a Physical U.S. Release

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Nura_season01set01_AMRY_BD_FINAL_REV.inddIf you like your anime mixed in with a bit of the supernatural, Viz Media has got you covered.

Though Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan may not be the most recognized title over in the United States, Japan has ran the series for 5 years in the mega-popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga magazine. Nura‘s titular character is a middle-schooler with a secret: at night he transforms into a yōkai (a supernatural demon), destined to continue his family legacy and become the next in line to lead his clan. But Nura is an atypical yōkai (and arguably a typical teenager) who wants to embrace his human form, even as clan tensions begin to rise.

On April 2ndNura: Rise of the Yokai Clan will at long last receive a proper physical release, featuring not only the original Japanese version, but the star-studded English dub formerly exclusive to Viz Media’s 24-hour streaming service Neon Alley (REVIEW), featuring the voice talents of Kyle Hebert, Grant George, Mela Lee, and Darrel Guilbeau. While this first release is only the first 13 episodes of the first season of the anime, the set appears to tell, the entirety of the Gyuki Arc, so put your fears at rest about having the set leaving you in the middle of an arc cliffhanger until the next release.

The first set will receive both a Blu-ray and DVD release at the price of $44.82 and $54.97, respectively. Those too impatient to wait 5 days for the release (or those wishing to continue as they wait for the next set to come out) will be glad to note that Viz Media has the entire subtitled version available on VizAnime and the dubbed version airs regularly on Neon Alley.

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