Now You Can Shout “GET OUTTA MA PUB!” Too, Thanks to Home

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Say, have you ever been drowning your sorrows in a pub one night after you found out your wife was having an affair and thought “Man, I wish owned a pub so that I could have smashed her face in with a barrel”? Well you might just be in luck my friend, thanks to our friends at VEEMEE and Sony. Yes now, you too can have your very own London pub*!

Now you can have a pub that overlooks the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames and not only that, but you can also play darts with people who have nothing better to do in their sad, miserable lives as well as use a roaring fire to burn your enemies. You can also have two sons to murder everyone you don’t like, pump beers, use hand-dryers, and and make crank phone calls in this non-existent world of amazement and excitement!

You’d think a revolutionary thing like this would be priceless, but right now you can pick up this life-changing device for the low sum of $5.99! Commenting on the upcoming release of The London Pub, Caspar Thykier, CEO at VEEMEE said:

“The London Pub in Home is sure to become a favorite hang-out for the ever growing community of Home inhabitants, and is the perfect place to relax, meet friends and play games after a hard day at work.”

Thanks to Playstation Home, you no longer need a license to serve Alcohol and a real pub to become a landlord! So forget your friends and family, forget your job, hell forget everything that ever mattered to you! With the London Pub, you’ll never need any of this again! Coming soon, become your own shopkeeper with the London Corner Shop!

*Not actually a real pub.

Source: London pub press release and a dog called Colin.

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