Now the 3DS will be getting its Angry Birds on

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Angry Birds is close to joining a prestigious club. It’s debated whether it was founded by Tetris or Doom, but its members include those, as well as Sonic The Hedgehog, Pac-Man and Space Invaders amongst others. The club of endless ports. Not content with being on iOS, Android, Palm, Symbian, PC, Mac, PSN Minis and later this year XBLA and WiiWare, Rovio Mobile’s hit crush the castle style game will be coming to Nintendo’s 3D handheld as well. This release will include Angry Birds Seasons and the film tie-in Angry Birds Rio, and will suitably be getting a digital release on the 3DS’s eStore rather than a retail release.

It makes sense I suppose. Angry Birds seems to be crazy popular for some reason, (Although Crush The Castle did the concept first) and to bring it to a device that’s most likely going to make huge sales and has a touch screen can only mean good things for Rovio Mobile. The only question now is, where next? The NGP would be suitable with its giant touch screen, but if it really wants to join the elite mentioned, it has to be on EVERYTHING. If I can’t play Angry Birds on my microwave in the next 12 months then they’ve failed.

Source: 3DS Focus

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