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Why Was Nova Absent in Guardians of the Galaxy?

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Guardians art book

The art book that was released for the Guardians of the Galaxy (an aptly titled Guardians of the Galaxy: The Art of the Movie) has some gorgeous artwork in it, also had a picture of a character that I’m surprised we didn’t see in the film, Nova.

If you didn’t know, the Nova Corps that we saw in multiple scenes in the film are essentially the ‘space cops’ in the Marvel Cosmic Universe and the same seems to hold true in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many fans, myself included, wondered to ourselves if we were going to catch a glance of the Nova Centurion himself.

Sadly we didn’t but the good news is that they WANTED to.


No seriously, just take a gander at this pic and tell me that they didn’t have plans on including the character in the movie. It would have been interesting to have him show up in the universe, albeit he might have been a bit overpowered considering his abilities compared to the rest of the GotG team…

Anyways, it’s good to know that Marvel isn’t leaving stones un-turned when it comes to including some of the fan favorite characters in the movies they’re making. If we can get an Ant Man movie, just about anything should be possible!

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