Not Weekend PSAs Special! Texting While Driving

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Well way way back during the first Gibbo’s Corner, I said that Weekend PSAs wouldn’t be gone forever, as every now and again there will be times where Weekend PSAs will need to be risen from their grave. Today happens to be one of those times. The video is above is a new PSA in Britain that will be shown to Teenagers in high schools about the dangers of texting while driving (I assume I’ll eventually see this in school given that I’m getting near driving age.

The PSA doesn’t even have a build up. A girl is texting to someone who fancies her and then without any warning has a pretty dramatic crash, even stopping at one moment to look at her friend and have a breather before another car slams into them. The crash itself only lasts about a minute and then the rest of the PSA is looking at the aftermath, which includes fire engines, the girl who was texting not shutting the fuck up and a dead baby that we are shown. Yep, that’s  not a lie. We get to see a dead baby staring at the camera. Now I’ve known British PSAs to have some pretty nasty things in them but a dead baby is a new high/low. The message is pretty clear but once again it goes for shock tactics and dramatic crashes that wouldn’t look too out of place in a Final Destination film. We’ve seen before that PSAs don’t need to be over the top to be good, but as usual the British PSA makers tend to forget this. It’s a shame, because the last Driving PSA was great.

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