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Not to be Outdone by DC, Marvel is Re-Tooling Xmen!

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Who will you follow? That is the Question Marvel is asking. Welcome to Xmen: Regenesis.

X-Men: ReGenesis will be kicking off this fall with Uncanny X-men #1 and Wolverine and the X-Men #1, and it looks like this is going to be doing some major shake ups in all the other Xbooks and the Marvel Universe in it’s entirety. Following the outcome of X-Men: Schism, mutantkind is asking “Who will you follow?” and it seems they are holding all the suprises and hints until we get closer to the release date. This is the first time there will be TWO X-men teams guided by their different ideologies, each leader has their own mission for saving their species, but is only one of them right? This is making me wish I was following comics more closely (hey, I’m working on it!) now I’m curious as HELL what Schism was all about. Damn you marvel!

In October we’ll get Marvel Architect Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo doing the Wolverine X-men team headed up by obviously, Logan himself. Who’s on his side? Apparently we’ll “Never see it coming.”

November we’ll get a taste of the renewed, refocused and re-imagined group of Uncanny mutants in Uncanny X-Men #1, with writer Kieron Gillen and artists Carlos Pacheco & Greg Land doing the artwork.

“Years of X-Men history have been leading to this. X-Men: ReGenesis will affect our entire line leading up to a major conflict coming up in 2012!” said Marvel Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso. “This is just the start of what we have planned for the X-Men. Next summer all eyes will be on mutantkind – we guarantee it!”

What do you guys think, we love to hear your comments here here or on the forums! Anybody want to play, Spot That Mutant! from the teaser photo with me?

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