No Texting = No Dating?

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(This may seem to be a weird topic to post about, but it could be a revelation to some of you.) Guys, you may start noticing the fairer sex and be intrigued by them. You might even develop some urges. Eventually/hopefully you will get the courage to actually talk to one. But there is one key factor in all this you must remember…

Your cell phone must be able to text.

I am 100% serious. Girls these days like to text. Apparently they live by it. They do it to current beaus, future beaus and even do it to their girlfriends (ooo, that sounds naughty). It is apart of their life. Now you may be thinking that you don’t need it. You have a computer at home where you type messages and a cell. When you go out you want to break free from that digital realm and experience real life things. Well guess what? TOO BAD!

That’s right, if you want to experience things with a female, you will need a texting plan on that cell phone of yours. Get ready to either pay for all the messages or get an unlimited plan. At this point you think this must be a joke. This can’t be true. Well I am living proof of this!

In college I didn’t have a cell phone. Not until my last year there at the age of 22 did I obtain one. When my friends found out, they would jokingly say, “You got a cell phone? It is official; everyone in the world has a cell now.” They couldn’t be closer to the truth. But in all my college days and post college days, I didn’t text. Didn’t send any out to the ladies or receive them because we just called each other and used the computer to talk.


I can still remember my first experience with texting in college. A friend sent me a text to come out and hang out with him at some place since he couldn’t call. I began the horrible process that was texting on a standard 1-0 keypad phone. Midway through he texted me again, in doing so he erased my message I was typing. I proceeded to do it again and he sent another one my way. Finally I managed to push out “if you want to talk to me, call me!” And that was the end of it.

Years went on and I was content with no texting. Life moved just as well as it always had with dating here and there. Then it happened. I started to get SPAM via text. The spam was just like your emails but in text form to the phone that cost money. In the end I just deactivated my texting since I didn’t use it and didn’t want to pay for spam. Things continued to go smoothly with an occasional “wha?! You don’t have text ability?!” That is until I met someone.

Short, cute, busty blonde on the bus home from work. Very pleasant on the eyes, friendly and she initiated the conversation first. Sweet! We talked on the bus in passing and then she asked for my number. How is that not a good sign? Well that was the last time I saw her. Not cause of a horrible accident (too my knowledge) but my work schedule shifted and we were on different buses. But I never once got a phone call and I completely forgot to tell here I don’t get texts. So what is a girl to do? Probably text me and when I didn’t respond she moved on. Such is luck right?

Where'd you go?

Fast forward a year and I meet another cutie. She asks for my number and this time we exchange numbers. I let some time go by and call her. No answer but I leave a message, this time adding that I can’t receive texts on my cell. I never heard from her again. This was actually recently which led me to ask some friends of mine about dating, girls, and texting. The consensus wasn’t very good for me. They all pretty much agreed that texting was necessary to date in this day and age. Ghey.

One of them even asked his girlfriend who was shocked/appalled that I didn’t know that this was a necessity. I never had to text in the past and all of the sudden it is required? What is wrong with this picture? Is this a new need of constant connection? What happened to the good old days of seeing people’s faces or just hearing voices? It is becoming less and less personal.

As a gamer I guess I should embrace all these forms of tech but I don’t like typing words on my current phone nor do I want a blackberry. I know there is the iPhone but I already have an iPod Touch. Can’t I just disconnect for a little while? Stupid girls…making me go 100% digital. I guess I might as well get robot legs since they are vital to living as well.

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