No Suprises Miley, Radiohead Doesn’t Want To Meet You

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There’s times when I’ll go to well known forum Neogaf’s off topic discussion board because I’m…..bored and I want to amuse myself, so finding this in one of the threads today was great. According to the teenage/jailbait star, she was only a few dressing rooms away from well known UK and my personal favourite band Radiohead, who were performing 15 step at the Grammy Awards that night. Apparently she “loves” Radiohead, calling them “my rock god”, so she told/whined to her manager to arrange a meeting between the two. Unfortunately for Miley, Radiohead declined to meet with her, with the band’s representatives telling her “we don’t really do that”. Little did they know that they’d just unleashed the thunder. This enraged Miley so bad that she has vowed to ruin “stinkin’ Radiohead!” Careful there jailbait, you nearly swore to the grown ups there.

I don’t exactly know Miley was expecting. Firstly, everyone knows that Radiohead aren’t the kind of band who embrace the glitz and glamour of the rock n roll lifestyle. Secondly, it’s not as if they told her to fuck off. Finally, they’d also snubbed Kanye West so It’s not as if they’re going to want to meet a mediocre, no talent, piece of jailbait like Miley Cyrus? I’m looking forward to her attempts of ruining them that’s all I can say. I’m guessing she’ll be converting all of the 4-7 year old Radiohead fangirls then.


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