No one cares about your teaser site

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Today Capcom put up a teaser site for something or another, to be honest I really couldn’t give a shit. Teaser sites, in my opinion, are the worst fad that game developers have employed in recent years. Congratulations, you managed to create a web page with at very least a number or at the most an image. And gaming blogs eat that shit up. If you are a developer and want press coverage, you have two options. If you gave a shit, you would come up with something worth sharing, such as details for your game, screenshots, or maybe even a trailer, and send it out in a press release. Or you could think of a number that has some obscure relation to your next project and create a teaser site. Pick either option, because you will get the same press coverage. If you want to be cryptic about your next video game, at least be creative and put some effort into it, like I Love Bees.

And if teaser sites weren’t bad enough, now we’ve got teaser countdowns that lead up to a teaser site. It does not get any more pretentious than that. Do you know what used to get people excited for video games? A 3-4 page preview in Game Informer or Nintendo Power. Now Hideo Kojima can throw a monochrome picture of Big Boss’ face against an image of a field and we’re all supposed to start masturbating furiously. Sorry, but I’ll pass, come back with a title and some screens and then we can talk.

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