Robert Chesley

No New DLC Beyond February For Guitar Hero or DJ Hero

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that they disbanded the Guitar Hero division, now the latest casualty is that outside of the previously announced DLC for Guitar Hero and DJ Hero, there will be no more new songs for the platforms.

According to a statement on the FAQ section of

We will release the previously announced DLC track and mix packs for February, but – unfortunately,we will not be able to release new DLC packs beyond what we already have.”

This was in light of a question asking about future DLC for both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero.

I’m a little indifferent to this announcement. I mean, they never really had a foothold in the DLC department. Rock Band always releases new songs weekly. Sometimes with Guitar Hero it seemed really light on DLC and never really that appealing. Still, for people who do play these games exclusively, it is a kick in the pants to hear even more bad news. My suggestion is hop on over to the Rock Band platform and bask in all the DLC glory you want.

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