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No Hungy: Using HoneyStinger Products in Training

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For the last couple of weeks I’ve been consuming a bunch of different Honeystinger products before/after/during my training to see if it’s a good fit for those of you in your various stages of No Hungy.

Overall, I’m impressed. Aside from the Lance Armstrong on the packaging (They actually dropped him because of the doping scandal) I really enjoyed and felt some impact in my training eating these things, which actually surprised me. After trying these out, I found myself using them for different purposes, which I’ll lay out for you as Pre-Workout/In Training/ and After-Workout on when I was consuming them, and might be beneficial for you.


As I’m typing, I am currently in the process of eating my last Blueberry Buzz energy bar, which is easily the best energy bar I’ve ever had. I’m being completely honest here. My “paying job” is in the health food industry. I’ve tried a whole smattering of different brands and their Organic/Healthy energy bars. Most of them taste like recycled paper with a touch of flavoring. Some taste alright, being on the threshold of edible to get the energy boost job done. These things though? It actually taste like there are damn blueberries in it and the yogurt coated bottom makes your brain think it’s eating some kind of sugar coating, but you’re not (totally). I’d been taking them as my pre-workout bite to keep my stomach on an nearly empty status. On the days I took them I noticed a slight more umph in my workouts or run, the days I didn’t, It felt just normal for me. I liked having that little bit of a oomph.


I had two kinds of their Waffles (which are basically Stroopwafel, yeah, I’m part Dutch) Lemon and Chocolate flavor. My kids love Stroopwafels, my father in law got me a batch from a little bakery when he was in Amsterdam on business and damn, those things were delicious. These aren’t the same, which I knew coming into it, these are Organic, and USDA certified organic at that. If you’re expecting the high calorie Dutch version, you’ll be let down. Back to my kids, they saw these things, and hounded me for them. I should never had let them eat my Stroopwafel from back then. I didn’t get to use these for training, but they made great little snacks. My favorite was the Lemon flavor, it didn’t overpower but it was still good to eat. The chocolate, I took a bite, and let my 5 year old eat all of the rest of them. I may be a chocolate purist, but it just didn’t taste…chocolatey enough for me, again, take into account these are supposed to be healthy so taste buds won’t react the same. Part of the reason I used these as snacks is that it didn’t seem like they would fit nicely in a pocket while I was running and would be easy to take out, open and eat while I’m jogging without stopping. If you spy these in a store, pick some up for after-workout snacking, your body will thank you.

In Training:

The stuff that was the most surprising for me, and really became a boost on my running training were actually the Honey Energy Gels. Now, I’ve had a couple of different brands Energy Gels before and squeezing them out of the bag while you run is like getting little sugar globs out of the packaging. Sometimes they’d just be a pain to get out without stopping or they’d gush out all over when you squeeze the bag. The thing I liked about these honey based gels was that it was so damn easy to consume on the run. They fit easily in my pocket, were easy to tear the top off with my teeth and didn’t require more than just putting it into my mouth and giving it a quick squeeze and sucking it in to get everything out of the packet. I can’t tell you how convenient it was to be able to get what I wanted in under 5 seconds so that I could get the boost I wanted for the last couple of miles of a run and not feel too fatigued in the end because I had to change pace or worse, stop. I couldn’t tell you which flavor was my favorite, I actually enjoyed all three, yes, even the Vanilla, which I was more apprehensive about. I’d say the Acai Pomegranate and Fruit Smoothie are the ones I would definitely pick up in a store when I make my next shopping trip, not that Vanilla is bad, it’s just…vanilla.

In the end, Honeystinger really won me over with their products, they’re affordable if you try to stock up for a weeks worth of training and have the one thing that is extremely hard to do in this industry. Make a healthy snack taste good. Everything I had was USDA Certified Organic and are all made with Honey, which is like natures best energy booster that it can make. Thank you to all the bee’s for all their hard work creating the base for these products, I’m definitely going to be using these as a tool in my No Hungy diet. You can buy them Online or at your local health food store.

Disclaimer: These products were provided by Honeystinger for review purposes.

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