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No Hungy Podcast – Coming Soon

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For those of you poor, tired, and huddled masses squatting on WPR while eating tubs of Cool Whip and cookies who are looking for a way to painlessly end your life of being a fat tub of goo. I know of such a way, and I’ll be your guide…if you commit to it.

In the past 7 months, I’ve managed to drop almost 60 lbs of fat from my body by following the simple principles of No Hungy:



I’ll be giving you stories for the week of my successes and failures, because as you may not know…I too am human and prone to failure. I’ll also include workouts that I’d like you to try that aren’t terribly difficult to do, and I’ll even provide you a soundtrack for said workout. Think of me as your fellow friend in fatness and a personal trainer without certification.

Keep an eye open next week for the first episode of what I hope to be a really really enlightening experience as this will be the most intimate podcast you’ll ever get with me talking directly to you. I’ve got another 80 lbs to lose to hit my target weight and if I can bring one or two of you with me, the all the better.

I’m just your normal geek with barely any time for weight loss and if I can do it, you sure as hell can too. Here’s your inspirational song to get you ready.

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