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No Hungy: Nathan Sports Lock Laces – Review

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nathan_lockI won’t get long winded on this review, because let’s face it…it’s shoelaces.

For the first year of my running lifestyle, I wore Vibram Fivefingers and loved ‘em, though they had no need for laces as they used a single Velcro strap to keep them firmly planted on my upper foot…but then an injury happened and I needed something with a little more cushion. Enter my Nike Free Runs.

This is seriously the first pair of shoes that I laced up with actual laces to go for a run and it got to be really annoying trying to find the sweet spot when it came to tightness when starting out and having to adjust later when the feet started to swell up (thanks to the tolls of running). There are even lacing strategies to alleviate common ailments like top-of-foot-pain which is an actual condition of long distance running.

I was fed up with it all and decided to swap the crap laces that came with the shoes, and replace them with the elastic laces that Lock Laces provide.

It’s simple, you lace up the shoes to approximately how tight you’ll want to wear them, pull them through a spring loaded clasp that keeps the laces at whatever length you select, cut off the excess, and then finally put them into a pull tab that keeps the bungee from fraying and provides a easy one pull to tighten system.

Now when I head out for a run, my shoes are slip-ons regardless of how tight I had them previously and are supremely comfy when being active. I’ve never experienced slipping when wearing shoes equipped with them, the shoes just seem to be adhered to my foot while wearing them…and as an added plus, when I finish running and need to speed strip for the shower, they slip off with a little tug and I don’t have to think about untying them, EVER.

I love this product and highly suggest you give them a try for your running needs or even for just everyday wear.

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