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halloween-minisThis year, I made a hell of a 2013 resolution and I’m here to talk about it.

Most people who have visited this site frequently know many of us to be married men, somewhat overweight men, and in most cases very busy men. I am one of these, in fact, all three fit my criteria.

I’ve been working towards a general fitness goal for myself over the last year or so, starting with running and dieting. I’ve done great with the former, not so much with the latter. I have lost close to 80 pounds from my frame since I started thanks to the methods and dedication I have established for myself.

I have a goal weight, some might think of it as too lofty, of weighing in at 180 lbs. I currently tip the scales as of my last weigh in at 238 lbs from an initial 310. My doctor wants me below 200 and so do I…getting there is another story.

To hit my goal, I’ve been buckling down this last week and settling into my new life as a man living No Hungy In Extremis.

For all of the year 2013 (and then some) I have sworn off sweets. This means no candy, no cake for my birthday, no bubblegum, no soda, no diet soda, no alcohol, no beer, no nothing sweet. This may seem a bit crazy, but honestly I’m just trying to break a dependence on something that I really don’t need to live.

I can still have things that taste sweet, such as fruits…I’m eating the living hell out of fruits this year I can tell already. I can have as many veggies as I’d like, though I’m trying to cut down on corn, carrots, and potatoes (except sweet potatoes). I can have yogurt I’ve decided even though it’s laced with aspartame. That’s honestly the one exception I’m making. I’ve even gone to black coffee and no sweetener in my teas. I’m literally consuming no extra sweetener for this year.
I’m planning on it cutting me down to the shape that I’d like to be in because it’s my major weakness as I’ve been completely lucid during a binge of over 15 fun size candies at Halloween.

Step two of this plan is my race schedule for 2013. I’m currently dedicated to doing the following:

3 Half-marathons
2 Marathons
2 Ragnar Relays
1 Tough Mudder
1 Spartan Beast
1 Triathlon

On top of that, I’m also going to squeeze in as many 5-10k races as I can. I’m hoping to not have a weekend where I’m not participating in an event. They’re so damn fun!

I’m not insane, I’m just tired of being fat, sad about being fat, and eating those damned emotions. I’m taking my life back and making myself the person I know I am.

Eat Less, Move More, Live Life…NO HUNGY

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