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No Hungy: 200 Miles In – Nike Free Run 3

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There is a saying that you can’t truly judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes…cute saying but I’m a firm believer that one mile in a pair of shoes simply isn’t enough, it needs to be something a bit more, verbose.

Before I get to the review, please bear in mind that I received no recompense from the company in question in order to review their shoes, I’m simply a consumer that wishes to share with you my experiences with a product.

This time around, I will be reviewing the Free Run 3 from Nike. I’ve just barely crossed into the 200 mile mark this week…only taking me about 8 weeks to get here and these shoes show no signs of needing replacement any time soon, which is always a good thing. Sure they could use a good washing, but that’s merely my internal Narcissus that really needs to learn how to shut up.

This is probably my first pair of Nike shoes, ever. I’m going to let that sink in. I know it seems impossible but I have never in my life put on a pair of Nikes until I tried these on at my local shop. From the second I put these miniature engineering marvels on my beaten and battered feet, I was in love.

I’m going to cut to the chase and break it down for you:

    The Good

  • Ridiculously lightweight equals less work done by legs to keep you going which means more distance
  • Extremely flexible sole for a more minimalist road feel
  • Durable materials throughout the entire shoe meaning after 200 miles, it looks like I’ll be doing an additional 200-400 miles on them
  • Multiple color choices and ability to custom make via Nike’s website
  • Giant toebox for wide feet like mine

    The Bad

  • Not zero drop, meaning there’s more material in the heel than the rest of the sole, I’m not a big fan of running in what feels like high heels
  • The laces are not elastic in the slightest meaning that if you’re the type to have a bit of swelling when running, you’re going to want to have an alternate lacing scheme or tie them a bit looser.
  • The sole is a magnet for rocks and thorns, and I mean big rocks and thorns.
    • The Ugly

    • The Nike+ insert in the left shoe makes this REALLY annoying squeak when walking around my house
    • The shell of the shoe isn’t seamless meaning that sockless running is out of the question unless you want tons of blisters
    • When using proper or chi-running methods to your cadence, pushing off with your toes causes the shoe to compress near the first knuckle of your big toes which caused twin blisters on both my feet.
    • For all of their ‘faults’ I really have no issue with these shoes, I expected some blistering as they were breaking in, and I’ve completely fallen in love with the support they provide and most importantly is the weight. I’ve been wearing skate shoes for the longest time and they’re always so damn heavy, it’s a breath of fresh air to have something on my foot that doesn’t weigh what feels like 3 lbs each.

      As for the pricing, I believe you can get these at closeout prices these days since they’re an older model of shoe, though when I picked them up at the store they still had the MSRP of $100, I was fortunate enough to have enough coupons on my person to make them irresistible at the price. I like them so much that I’ve started looking for a replacement pair or even an around the town pair so I can finally ditch the Globes or DCs.

      Now for the benefits, and please take these with a grain of salt considering I’m new to the shod running shoe world but I’ve hit some pace records thought I won’t put that squarely on the shoes themselves, but the additional padding. Still it’s hard to say that hitting a best PR of sub-eight mile was unthinkable only months ago.

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