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No Hungy #002

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Welcome back again my friends. Join me on our weekly trek into the world of weight loss and how you too can begin to live No Hungy.

Alright, last week’s show gave me some great ammunition for this week in the form of listener questions and feedback…consider me INSPIRED! I hope you guys enjoy this week’s episode as I bring you a few recipes and some challenges.

This Week’s Music
– MegaMan 2 “FlashFire OCREMIX”
– Sheryl Nome “What ’bout My Star”
– Fire Bomber “Dynamite Explosion”
– Katamari Damacy “Lonely Rolling Star”
– Megurine Luka “Double Lariat”
– Axelay “Unkai”
– Bionic Commando ReARMED “Rise of the Albatross”
– Ayumi Hamasaki “Bold & Delicious”

As for this week’s recipe for Egg Muffins, it’s the following:

Egg Muffins
15 Beaten Eggs
(optional) 1 Tube Turkey Sausage (drain the grease) OR…
(optional) 1 Pkg Canadian Bacon (diced)
1-2 Cups Low-fat Cheese
(optional) Any veggies you desire (I suggest mushrooms)

Preheat oven to 375 and get a silicone muffin pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. You can use a metal muffin pan, but reduce the eggs to 12 instead of 15. If you’re using paper liners, you’ll need to double up on them AND spray with non-stick.

Place the cheese and meats (I suggest cooking them together) in the bottom of the muffin cup and pour egg over the whole glob until 3/4 full. Put in the oven for 25-35 minutes until the tops look a bit browned and you’re sure the eggs have set. Each muffin is about 190 calories and packed with 18 grams of protein! Two of them are a hearty enough breakfast for the day and will keep you going until your first snack.

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