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No Demo For You — Modern Warfare 2

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Yup, no demo for you.

Yup the guys at Infinity Ward have stated that there is no current plans to release a demo prior to the launch of Modern Warfare 2. The company says that they want to use the time that could be used making a demo to putting more and more finishing touches on the game. I think it probably went a little more like this:

Worker: Hey boss, do we want to give all the pinheads out there a demo for Modern Warfare 2 before it comes out?

Infinity Ward Boss: Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how large our game is tracking right now? We’ve already got their money, the word of mouth, and the entire Christmas season. No point in giving it out for free.

At least we’ll be getting the game soon, that lessens the sting of no demo, at least ours won’t look like Japan’s version being brought out by Square-Enix.

ZOMG Buster Sword in Modern Warfare? Does that mean Materia?

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