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Ninja Gaiden Sigma II Release Date

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Ok PS3 fans, the long awaited revenge on all of the 360 fanboys who rubbed it in your face that the PlayStation 3 wasn’t getting Ninja Gaiden II is almost upon you. This September 29th (in the US), we will finally get a chance to play a more complete and balanced version of the often-said ‘rushed’ copy of NG2 that came out on the 360.

Those of you so inclined to spend extra dough on collector’s editions will be happy to know that the $69.99 MSRP version will be coming packaged with an 80-page book that is part comic, part strategy guide, and art book. This isn’t the only bonus…if you preorder NG2 at GameStop, you’ll also receive a little more ‘omake’ in the form of a special costume for the main character Ryu.

I doubt myself that I’ll pick up the collector’s edition, the extra costume doesn’t really do anything for me…mainly because I’d rather stare at a digital ass of a woman, rather than the neoprene clad cheeks of Ryu Hayabusa, and this version of the game answers in kind. Not one, not two, but three women characters (Momiji, Ayane, and Rachel) will be available to use throughout the game. I can hardly contain myself!

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