Robert Chesley

Nimoy Happy With The New Alternative Timeline

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In a recent interview, Leonard Nimoy gives his blessing to the new alternative time line universe.

From Nimoy:

“I think the alternate universe was necessary. I think it was a very solid idea and necessary because, although it broke canon in a certain kind of way, if they didn’t do the alternate universe, they would have broken canon in other ways. It was constricting. There was so much history to be dealt with that if they did not do the alternate universe it would have been so constricting and it would have been very, very difficult to tell an exciting story without stepping on some toes somewhere. So, by doing it this way, I think they gave themselves a new canvass to work with. I think it was a very wise idea.”

I’m of a few minds about it. I think it was an absolutely brilliant idea. I think it was really the only way to do the series justice. You couldn’t reboot the series by using newly created characters. It’s like when they reboot superhero movies every so often. They don’t invent a new Batman, they just use different actors and a different perspective. I think that this gives the very capable filmmakers a universe.

I think it is a very exciting time. Unfortunately, I think this new universe would have made a far better TV series than many that have been pitched in the past few years. And maybe, eventually, we’ll get that high quality “Trek” show that we all deserve. But I for one cannot wait until I see the sequel next summer.

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